Wednesday, 31 August 2016

UAT – its importance and typical problems faced during execution

Though it comes in at the very end and is perhaps the last component of the entire testing process, User Acceptance Testing is one of the most critical things as far as any software development company or business user team is concerned. And not surprisingly, it comes with its own share of problems and when the implementation is large scale, UAT is one of the most worrisome aspects for every business user team. There are many companies specializing in handling UAT these days and KALS Information Systems is amongst the top companies who offer to handle UAT on behalf of the business users and help towards a smooth transition.

What are the typical challenges that come with UAT?

Data is always a problem when it comes to UAT

Sometimes, data for the systems (Old and new) could be very different and migration could prove to be a very tough task. From the KALS Information Systems Ltd reviews available, this is one of the speciality areas. They handle migration very well and plan ahead for it thus eliminating the usual problems.

Some of the other aspects that could be problematic during UAT are not testing complete workflows across geographies, functional changes that are present between the old and new systems, performance parameters and testing results not being given due importance, inconsistencies between the SRS and the functionality that has been delivered with the end product and to providing sufficient time or planning for the whole UAT process.

Thus, adequate planning and knowledge are essential to conduct proper UAT and it is better to rely on professionals who are adept at all aspects of UAT such as KALS Information Systems Ltd. Visit http://www.kalsinfo.com/uat.php for complete details on their UAT services.

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